The hubs

Physical spaces where infrastructure, applications and the local community of Creative Industries and artists converge, a physical space for Creative Industries,
entrepreneurs and citizens to experiment and develop their initiatives and, a physical meeting point for open collaboration at local, city and regional level. The hubs are the gateways to the Creative Ring.

The founding hubs of the Creative Ring are Aarhus (Denmark), Barcelona (Spain), Brussels (Belgium) and Espoo (Finland). The local creative ecosystems can consist of a collaboration between:

  • Smaller creative hubs, i.e. communities that increase the capacity of creative individuals and businesses to experiment, innovate and succeed;
  • Universities and other learning institutions who look for new forms of society engagement, as well as research, innovation and teaching practices;
  • Cultural centres and museums that wish to rethink their organisations, engagement models and seek collaborative opportunities;
  • Municipalities and regions that aim to further stimulate enterpreneurship within the Creative Industries, as well as inclusive innovation and citizen participation;
  • Corporates that wish to regain the entrepreneurial spirit and rethink their innovation practices and organisational models;
  • SME’s within the creative sector;
  • Technology providers.

Find out more about the hubs by visiting them, or by joining our community.