Eindhoven (and the wider Brainport region) is one of the three economic pillars of the Netherlands (next to Airport Amsterdam and Seaport Rotterdam). Eindhoven has approximately 250thousand inhabitants and a large and active expat community. The history and DNA of Eindhoven are shaped by excellence in high tech and design, combined with a unique culture of collaboration and “do-mentality”.

This unique combination results in a multitude of events and initiatives aiming to bring people, organisations and knowledge together in order to allow (bottom-up) initiatives to accelerate and excel.


The Eindhoven Hub of the Creative Ring is currently being shaped by the following organisations:

Baltan Laboratories
an independent non-for profit organisation aimed at building structural connections between art-design-science-technology. www.baltanlaboratories.org

Brainport Development
Economic development company that cooperates with many partners on strengthening the Brainport region. Brainport, with Eindhoven at its very heart, is a world-class top technology region and the growth accelerator of the Dutch economy. www.brainportdevelopment.nl/en

Eindhoven-based creative communications agency, focusing on unique and relevant concept development. www.credo.today

Dutch Design Foundation
Eindhoven-based national platform supporting Dutch designers, deploying the power of innovative and visionary design on an even greater scale, stimulating excellence through supporting talent, exploring the current meaning of Dutch Design and offering inspiration; providing direction, facilitating research and debate. www.dutchdesignfoundation.com

Founded by All
A cooperative of 25+ creative entrepreneurs, ranging from architecture over graphic design to AR/VR and app development, located on STRIJP-S, the creative center of Eindhoven www.foundedbyall.com

Gemeente Eindhoven
Municipality, more specifically departments of culture, economy and strategy as well as the strategic group on ‘Smart Society’ www.eindhoven.nl

High-tech service provider, with over 800 employees being outsourced to high-tech companies such as ASML, Philips, NXP… www.tmcporch.com

Eindhoven-based SME experienced in designing and building online collaboration and co-creation platforms. www.u-approach.com

On top of these first-in-line Creative Ring partners, the Eindhoven eco-system is full of relevant organisations and companies we have tight communication lines with.

Just a small selection:

Eindhoven Startups Foundation: A non-for profit foundation setup by – and for – local entrepreneurs and creatives with business ambitions. Representing over 500 members and 80+ startups and strongly connected to other startup initiatives such as Startup Bootcamp and High Tech XL. eindhovenstartups.com

TU Eindhoven: Number 1 technical university in the Netherlands. Over ten thousand students in engineering, ICT, industrial design, … www.tue.nl

Fontys ICT and Fontys Future Medialab: University College, department of ICT + cross-departmental lab for new- and cross-media. www.futuremedialab.nl

Office-S: Collective of 200+ companies from ICT and creative industries, located on STRIJP-S, the creative center of Eindhoven www.office-s.nl

High Tech Campus: “The smartest square km in Europe”, with 140+ high tech and ICT companies and knowledge institutes, in total employing around 10.000 engineers on-site and accounting for almost 40% of the annual patent applications in the Netherlands www.hightechcampus.com

EIT Digital Eindhoven: Eindhoven node of the European Institute of Technology / Digital, located on High Tech Campus Eindhoven. www.eitdigital.eu/about-us/locations/eindhoven-node

Seats2Meet: Co-working place at STRIJP-S, with an active network of 300+ independent entrepreneurs / freelancers from various backgrounds. www.seats2meet.com/locations/284/Seats2meet_com_Strijp-S_Eindhoven

MAD emergent art center: Grassroot initiative, linking art and technology, setting up hackathons, maker spaces, Maker Fairs, … mad.dse.nl/mad.html

VPRO Medialab: Medialab researching the development of new media content, channels and audiences. Linked to VPRO, one of the most influential national broadcasters in the Netherlands. www.vpro.nl/medialab

Just a few examples of events:

  • Bliksem en Donderdag: 100 participants quarterly
  • High Tech Accelerator: evaluates 500+ business plans each year and reach 1000+ people during the annual demo-day that presents the 10 winners
  • e52 : local online media channel focusing on collaborative projects and Eindhoven’s DNA
  • On average bimonthly hackathons organised by MAD, VPRO Medialab and others, each one reaching around 40 active participants and at least the same number of people and organisations that are indirectly involved or informed

All of the above are directly targeted to identify/recruit high-potential projects and/or to bring them to the next level.

On top of that, each of the organisations and initiatives named above have their own dedicated communication channels (websites, newsletters, social media) and as a general rule, they are all open to help promoting external events such as the ones potentially organised by the Creative Ring.

ON THE AGENDA: May 18,19: Support event for WEAR Open Call: www.creativeringeindhoven.nl


“In 2015, Sami Sabik and Teresa van Dongen met each other in one of the informal networks in Eindhoven. After working hours, Sami, hardcore technologist, made a hobby out of helping designers with the technical aspects of their creations. Teresa, a celebrated upcoming Dutch designer, had an opportunity to develop and exhibit an innovative bioluminescent installation in ‘Musée des Arts Décoratifs’, located in one of the wings of the Louvre Museum building in Paris. Their combination of  brilliant design and advanced technical skills, resulted in ‘One Luminous Dot’, an installation that could not have been realised without the cross-overs between biology, design and engineering. The story of Sami and Teresa is one of our inspirations to join forces in the Creative Ring so we can setup a context in which opportunities as these are no longer left to the chance of two people meeting each other. We even based our movie on them to recruit partners in our local hub.”

(Koen Snoeckx, Eindhoven hub)