Upcoming Events

The Creative Ring is connecting creatives across Europe. How? Through working together on projects, sharing knowledge, and through events. Below, you will find an overview of the events connected to the Creative Ring

  • October 16-18, International Conference on Intelligent Textiles and Mass Customisaton, Ghent (Belgium)
    The ITMC2017 Conference targets guests from various branches and disciplines related to the textile industry. This interdisciplinary approach is key in maximizing the potential and development of textile materials and tools for various applications. The Conference aims to fully exploit this potential and be the catalyst for creating a beneficial synergy between designers, manufacturers, suppliers and end users from all sectors.
  • October 19, Social Entrepreneurship: a new chair at the Brussels Universities, Brussels (Belgium)
  • October 21-29, World Design Event & Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven (Netherlands)
    This year Dutch Design Foundation and Design City Eindhoven launch the World Design Event (WDE). The first in a series of international design events to be held every four years, WDE is a platform for future makers from all over the world. We want to share knowledge and learn from others. During the first World Design Event, therefore, we invite designers from all over the world to come and shape the future together.
  • October 21-29, Do (not) feed the makers, Eindhoven (Netherlands)
    During Dutch Design Week, Creative Ring Eindhoven presents “Do (not) feed the makers”: Europe’s 22 most Ethical and Sustainable Wearables projects as awarded by the EU-funded WEAR Sustain program. Three of them specifically require your feedback for their further development, so please pass by and feed our makers with your ideas.
  • October 26, My Robot, Helper and Friend, Ghent (Belgium)
    Following the ‘Hello Robot’ exhibition in the Design Museum Gent, Ministry of Makers organizes an event that deepens the discourse about the increasingly frequent deployment of robots in the healthcare sector by highlighting a number of technological, economic, cultural and social aspects.
  • October 29, Co-creating the Creative Industry- Steps towards a stronger creative industry, Eindhoven (Netherlands)
    Collaboration asks you to let go of your solo vision and invest yourself into a collective vision. How do you let go while giving so much of yourself? During this Day of Learning, participants will gather to explore what it takes to truly collaborate and how collaboration across creative fields may change the creative industry for the better.
  • November 1-3, Creativity World Forum, Aarhus (Denmark)
    Creativity World Forum is a two-day worldwide conference putting together around 2000 top creative minds each year. This is the 13th edition and will be Europe’s largest forum on entrepreneurial creativity in 2017. In other words. This is one conference in 2017 you can’t miss, if you’re defining yourself as a creative!
  • November 14-15, Smart City Expo, Barcelona (Spain)
    As the leading event for cities, we understand the need for giving cities a powerful global voice as well as an innovative platform for common urban action. The event is the meeting point for governments, companies, entrepreneurs and research centers, where cities meet other cities, showcase their projects and find new solutions, and where companies make business. It has turned out to be an exceptional networking platform to connect people working in and with cities around the world who are tackling similar challenges and generating opportunities for action.
  • November 23-24, Discovery Trip to Berlin, Berlin (Germany)
    And the next trip will be March 2018 towards the Netherlands combining during two days Eindhoven and….?  Looking for proposals i.e. Rotterdam, Kerkrade, Utrecht, etc. Contact person: Alain Heureux.