10 Hot Spots to Visit during the Dutch Design Week 2017 – Recommended by Creative Ring Eindhoven

Posted by Linda van de Ven | 27 September 2017
Dutch Design Week Stretch

The Dutch host a yearly event in Eindhoven that is well worth visiting for all those interested in design, creative things, technology, innovation… What started with the annual graduation show of the Design Academy Eindhoven, has now grown to an event attracting three hundred thousand people from all over the world.

For those of you who are attending this year’s Dutch Design Week: here’s the Creative Ring Eindhoven selection of 10 hot spots you cannot miss out on!

  1. Manifestations (Veem building)
    Relevant projects on the intersection of creative disciplines, including a few WEAR-sustain.
  2. Conscious Creativity (Temporary Art Center)
    Our wild card: we follow our gut feeling after reading the description. And TAC is anyhow one of the creative sites you need to visit, so… since you have to go to TAC…
  3. Dave Hakkens: Precious Plastic (Sectie C)
    Google Dave Hakkens (if you don’t know him already, and you will understand why this is a must see).
  4. Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show 2017 (Witte Dame)
    All time classic! Every year the most wonderful concepts are designed by graduation students. Or… Maybe this one is better?: The Eindhoven Academy for Industrial Design: The seed of the DDW So 2 recommendations for the price of one. 🙂
  5. Dutch Invertuals & Fundamentals (Fuutlaan)
    This is one of those places where the locals go!
  6. Enversed Realities (Veem building)
    AR and VR are “hot hot hot”… And what about “Sensory Reality…”? Visit Enversed to experience those first hand.
  7. ‘The Tinkering Labs’ (Plan B)
    Plan B is one of those new and somewhat-hidden creative sites emerging in abandoned Philips buildings.
  8. This is the age of makers (Microlab)
    A unique example on how creativity and profitability can be combined in the world of makers.
  9. Robotanica (VDMA building)
    The VDMA building is yet another previously industrial site to see.
  10. World Design Event | Embassy of Robot Love (Former V&D Warehouse)
    Prelude to a mind-blowing exhibition in Q4 2018. Tune in now.

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