OrganiCity Open Call for Urban Data and IoT

Posted by Linda van de Ven | 30 July 2017

OrganiCity is developing a prototype service to support people in experimentation with urban data and the Internet of Things to improve their cities. We are now open for applications to experiment with urban data.

Details on open call

Your idea for an experiment can receive up to 60.000 € to progress the technical integration across the existing three cities Aarhus (Denmark), London (United Kingdom) and Santander (Spain), plus expand into new cities. This experimentation phase will continue to refine the OrganiCity framework to match the needs of cities and experimenters.
In OrganiCity we are funding experiments involving urban data and the Internet of Things. Urban data would be any information generated in the city context which can be measured: temperature, pollution, traffic levels, footfall, green areas, a tweet, etc. Your experiment might:

  • Capture data which hasn’t been measured yet (perhaps through deploying different sensors)
  • Merge datasets to uncover new information
  • Analyse existing data through new algorithms
  • Give people access to data through visualisations or on a different form
  • Encourage people to act upon new, existing or merged data
  • Involve urban utilities or other owners of data in improving existing services or conceiving new ones

You might also use data in a way we haven’t described in the list above.

Read more at the website of OrganiCity.

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