Creative Ring Legal Entity Founded

Posted by Linda van de Ven | 19 July 2017

After years of hard work, it´s time to celebrate an important milestone: the Creative Ring ivzw (int. non-profit organization) has officially been founded. Forming an official organization is an important step towards adulthood: it strengthens our reputation as a solid community and collaboration partner. Also, it brings the opportunities to join European consortia, which is an important added value to smaller and more fragmented creative industries that often do not have the time or resources to go through the hassle of joining EU consortia themselves.

Connected Cities

The Creative Ring has three founding members (Aarhus, Brussels, Eindhoven) and two full members (Barcelona, Ghent). Conversations are ongoing with 13 creative ecosystems: Tallinn, Lund, Cluj, Espoo, Sofia, Saarbrücken, Bristol, Saint-Etienne, Palermo, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Glasgow and Torino. The Creative Ring expects to onboard at least six of them as Associate Members before the end of 2017.

Membership Levels

With the official organization, the Creative Ring has set multiple membership levels. Full members get full access to the Creative Ring knowledge database and have first insight to sign in on upcoming opportunities. Also they have voting rights and the opportunity to actively contribute to the future vision and strategy of the creative ring. Associate Membership is available as a low threshold entrance into the ecosystem. It gives hubs a six month timeframe to prepare their ecosystem for full membership. Associate Members get access to Creative Ring meetings and opportunities, but do not have full access to the knowledge repository and do not have voting rights.

Is your local ecosystem interested to join the Creative Ring? Contact Alain Heureux via

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