25 Applicants for WEAR through the Creative Ring

Posted by Koen Snoeckx | 7 July 2017
WEAR Sustain

25 of the applicants for the WEAR Sustain open call for smart textiles and wearables come from the Creative Ring. To support the open call, events were organized in each of the cities. The event organizers are proud to see these numbers, but also see a challenge to get more local projects involved ánd help them on their way in the European ecosystem.

Amongst the 25 applicants there are multiple winners, who are currently being informed of their prize (50.000 euros). WEAR Sustain already announced that in total 23 applicants have won. The number of winners from the Creative Ring will be announced shortly.

Coming Up: Second Open Call

WEAR Sustain will open a second call in fall 2017. The Creative Ring will organize events to support applicants then, too. During the events, projects will find inspiration, knowledge, network, workplaces, and other tools for developing their ideas.

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