Creative Hubs Cooperate Towards WEAR Sustain

Posted by Koen Snoeckx | 8 June 2017

The Creative Ring connected its creative hubs Aarhus, Barcelona, Brussels, Ghent, and Eindhoven in a shared approach towards the EU open call WEAR Sustain. How? By working together; practice what you preach!

Supporting Events

For the EU open call WEAR Sustain, the creative hubs organized multiple events. In close cooperation with the consortium, the events were setup to support designers in applying. The open call states multiple topics the consortium considers important in their application process. On these topics, event participants could follow workshops. Also, there were many keynotes from both the design and the tech perspective.

WEAR Sustain is looking for 24 teams to work together to design and develop compelling aesthetic, ethical, environmental, and sustainable solutions for wearable technology and smart or e-textiles development, across all possible application domains. Up to €50,000 of funding is available to each team, which offers the means to jumpstart promising co-created concepts.

Video Report on the Events

The Creative Ring events supporting WEAR Sustain Open Call from Creative Ring on Vimeo.

The Best Ideas Arise by Combining Talents

Often, products are being developed either on a creative vision or on a problem-solving manner. By bringing creatives and tech’s together at the point zero, ideas arise that are truly ground-breaking because of the shared perspective. These ideas become the best products for a society that demands a nice design and a functional product.

Design and Tech Collide, European Cities Collide

What designers can learn from tech people, the one city can also learn from another. “There are many local networks, but in the end, we are all part of the international ecosystem” says Alain Heureux (co-founder of the Creative Ring). The European cooperation includes events, but also study trips, and frequent communication. “We meet once per month to discuss what’s happening where, so we can act on ideas quickly and easily”.

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