WEAR Sustain Support Event Brussels (including presentations)

Posted by Koen Snoeckx | 26 May 2017

Brussels Creative, the Creative Ring, MAD, and DataScouts organized a WEAR Sustain Support Event on May 17, in Brussels (Belgium). At the event, the WEAR Sustain consortium explained more about the Open Call. Wearables projects had the opportunity to work on their proposals and get individual feedback from different experts and coaches.

Long-term Collaboration

“The event was important to inform people of the WEAR Sustain Open Call, but also to start a collaboration. We are building the fundament of an international network here”, explains Alain Heureux, co-founder of the Creative Ring. “Wearable projects and also other creative projects get the knowledge, tools, and find the network to develop their own concepts. On the short term, they are helped in applying to the Open Call, in the long term, also in being in a network that gives them everything they need for development.”

Digital Ecosystem

Next to events, there is also a digital platform set up to support the projects. Ingrid Willems, partner in the EU consortium and founder of DataScouts, has set up an online ecosystem for wearables. “Designers, academia, hubs and technology providers, are all represented. It’s a digital space created to share information and to collaborate, actually work together.”

About fifty people attended the WEAR Sustain Support Event in Brussels. Next to keynotes on various subjects within the fields of design and technology, Martine-Nicole Rojina (trans-disciplinary artist, MPATHY) also guided an open conversation to map all stakeholders present and find shared opportunities. Natan de Bie (marketeer, DataScouts), co-organizer of the event, reflected: “It was nice to see such a spontaneous conversation that developed to the essence: we need both technology and designers to create sustainable wearables.”


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