Become a Successful Designer: Disagree with the World

Posted by Koen Snoeckx | 24 May 2017

One of the ways to become a successful designer, is to disagree with the world. Fashion-tech designer Anouk Wipprecht described how fashion was analog when she started designing. She disagreed. After her successful Spider Dress, Smoke Dress and her Unicorn design for measuring brainwaves, it’s clear her introduction of tech into fashion has impact.

The Creative Ring Eindhoven organized an event to support artists and designers aiming to submit to the open European Open Call ‘WEAR Sustain’ for Ethical Wearables and e-textiles. Next to a keynote ‘Rethinking Fashion in the Age of Digitalization’ by Anouk Wipprecht, two tech experts gave a presentation about what is currently happening in Eindhoven, on the subject of wearables.

Wearables in Eindhoven

Margreet de Kok (Holst Centre) gave a presentation on ´State of the Art in Wearable Technologies´, in which she explained which properties tech should have, such as being durable and washable. She also brought some amazing prototypes of technology that will really change what is possible with textile.

Marina Toeters (Eindhoven University of Technology) gave a presentation on ´Ethics & Sustainability´. “Sustainability has to be assessed in what happens to the material long term. People are not going to wear a product forever, what happens afterwards?” Sustainability and ethics are key elements in the WEAR Sustain open call.

Next to the keynotes, the attendees were able to follow workshops and get one-on-one coaching on specific topics. Experts were available in the fields of data, business, hardware/software design, programming, storytelling, marketing, and prototyping. Attendees were also able to create their own video for their WEAR Sustain proposal.

Creative Ring Eindhoven

Real connection happens between people. Events help us in bringing these people together, that´s where unexpected relations and new ideas come into existence,” says Gerton Knipping of the Creative Ring Eindhoven. “Those twists and turns that you don´t expect, are often most valuable for progress. Perhaps the fact that almost all attendees had a completely different focus on wearables, from meditation to Artificial Intelligence, from sustainability to fashion-tech, created new options. At the next event we will definitely focus even more on enabling people to get more out of unexpected connections!”

The Creative Ring Eindhoven connects creatives from the region to a growing international network across other cities in Europe (e.g. Barcelona, Brussels, Ghent, Aarhus). The Creative Ring also aims to develop pathways and other tools to help creatives develop their concepts into the success they’re aiming for.

Second Event in Fall 2017

In the fall of 2017, the Creative Ring Eindhoven is planning to organize a new event to support people in applying to the second call of WEAR Sustain. Keep an eye on this website to stay informed.

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Downloadable presentations

Other presentations can be sent to you upon request. Contact us via

  • Otto Freijser (Perpetulon) – Business Models presentation – Download Part 1 – Part 2 (additional links below)
  • Marina Toeters (Eindhoven University of Technology) – Let’s Not Waste the Power of Fashion – Download
  • Anouk Wipprecht – Rethinking Fashion in the Age of Digitalisation – Download
  • Heritiana Ranaivoson – WEAR Sustain – Download


Lean Startup en Customer Development basics:

Designing Experiments:

Business Model Design:

Customer Interviews:



Dutch Technology Week

The WEAR Sustain Support Event in Eindhoven was part of the Dutch Technology Week. The organisation and partners of the Dutch Technology Week want to promote enthusiasm and pride for technology and thereby strengthen the Dutch high-tech sector.

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