‘Creating Together will produce a better product’

Posted by Koen Snoeckx | 22 May 2017

On May 16th, Ministry of Makers (the Design Platform of Ghent and East Flanders) organized a Pre-Submission Event for those applying to the EU WEAR Sustain Open Call, in Gent (Belgium). Next to detailed information on the call itself, four experts shared their latest insights and ideas on smart textiles. The program started with presentations from participants on what’s happening within their organization, what they are doing, and what issues they might have. After that, there was time for networking.

Applying to WEAR Sustain Together

Bart Tommelein and Michiel Minjauw (Nooyer) develop clothing that produces heat through the textile itself. It is controlled via a smartphone and regulated via sensors and a self-managing system, in order to respond quickly to decreasing temperatures. They were looking to meet artists who can help them make the clothing become fashion. After meeting designer Kristof Buntinx at the event, they are applying for WEAR Sustain together.

“It’s enriching to see how Europe engages in a shared approach in order to give people an opportunity to develop the world of textiles on the one side, but moreover to bring people closer together by sharing technical and creative ideas. For many artists the financial aspect is a killer, because it keeps them from focusing on their project in substance. This opportunity to cooperate eliminates that and creates a shared focus for both parties.” – Bart Tommelein, Nooyer

Coming Smart Textiles Events Ghent

There will be two more events on the topic of Smart Textiles and Sustainable Textiles in Ghent, in September. These will include presentations and exhibitions in the Design Museum, on topics such as the use of hemp and fungi in textiles. Like the event supporting the WEAR Sustain open call, these events create an ecosystem where designers and knowledge workers work together.

Saskia Westerduin (Ministry Of Makers) is one of the organizers of these events. “Instead of looking for someone to solve a specific problem, we try to connect designers and tech people before the idea phase. We believe that creating together will bring the best innovations” says Saskia.

More information on the coming events in Ghent will soon follow in the calendar and on the website of Ministry of Makers.

Download the presentations of the Ghent Pre-Submission Event below.

CRGent02 CRGent03

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