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The Creative Ring is connecting creatives across Europe. How? Through working together on projects, sharing knowledge, and through events. Below, you will find an overview of the events connected to the Creative Ring.

The next event where Creative Ring will be present is  Zlin Design Week 1.-8.5.2020:

  • Zlin Design Week will this year reflect the cooperation of young designers and companies, theory with practice, business and the non-profit sector. During one week, Zlin Design Week will show what openness and willingness to support each other can bring us and that working together makes sense.

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The hubs are the physical spaces where infrastructure, applications and the local community of Creative Industries and artists converge, a physical space for Creative Industries, entrepreneurs and citizens to experiment and develop their initiatives and, a physical meeting point for open collaboration at local, city and regional level. The hubs are the gateways to the Creative Ring.