Upcoming Events

The Creative Ring is connecting creatives across Europe. How? Through working together on projects, sharing knowledge, and through events. Below, you will find an overview of the events connected to the Creative Ring.

  • August 21, Sharing Economy Meetup, Aarhus (Denmark)
  • August 25-27, Todaysfestival, Torino (Italy)
  • August 29 – September 1, OpenLivingLab Days (Incl. workshop The value of Ecosystems), Krakow (Poland)
  • September 2, Brussels Creative Forum, Brussels (Belgium)
  • September 6, Artificial Intelligence Party, Brussels (Belgium)
  • September 6, Gluon Party, Brussels (Belgium)
  • September 13, The New Textile Generation – Sustainable Textiles, Gent (Belgium)
  • September 15, Brussels Creative members meeting, theme: Women and Innovation, Brussels (Belgium)
  • September 17-22, SEC2SV trip to Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley (USA)
  • October 16-18, International Conference on Intelligent Textiles and Mass Customisaton, Ghent (Belgium)
  • October 21-29, World Design Event & Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven (Netherlands)
  • November 1-3, Creativity World Forum, Aarhus (Denmark)
  • November 14-15, Smart City Expo, Barcelona (Spain)


At our official launch we already celebrated GiPStech as the most creative company and BLITAB as the company with the best business model. There was one more award to be handed out: the audience award, for the most popular company that participated  in the CreatiFI FIWARE Accelerator Programme dedicated to the Creative Industries. During the last two weeks all 78 companies funded by CreatiFI had the chance to participate in the award and incite their followers to vote them to the top spot. We would like to thank all of the participants for their enthusiasm. It has been a hard fought battle but there can be only one winner, and that is sCool.

Read the full announcement here!

The hubs are the physical spaces where infrastructure, applications and the local community of Creative Industries and artists converge, a physical space for Creative Industries, entrepreneurs and citizens to experiment and develop their initiatives and, a physical meeting point for open collaboration at local, city and regional level. The hubs are the gateways to the Creative Ring.